forever in bed
out of my head
sooner or later
i will be dead

Jazz killed itself
But don’t let poetry kill itself

Don’t be afraid
of the cold night air

Don’t listen to institutions
when you return manuscripts to

Jack Kerouac, Scattered Poems

Art never responds to the wish to make it democratic; it is not for everybody; it is only for those who are willing to undergo the effort needed to understand it.

Flannery O’Connor

(via tierradentro)

I wanted so badly to love you
To feel your body heat
And know it was for me

I told myself lies
And I called too much
A friendly facade

You left first
And I was sad but relieved
I could finally find peace
And quit shaving my legs

list of people who inspire me

  1. Lawrence Ferlinghetti
  2. Harryette Mullen
  3. Ann Druyan
  4. Margaret Atwood
  5. Kurt Vonnegut
  6. Annie Clark
  7. Jack Kerouac (although he is rather problematic)
  8. Rachel Carson
  9. Stanley Kubrick