list of people who inspire me

  1. Lawrence Ferlinghetti
  2. Harryette Mullen
  3. Ann Druyan
  4. Margaret Atwood
  5. Kurt Vonnegut
  6. Annie Clark
  7. Jack Kerouac (although he is rather problematic)
  8. Rachel Carson

I’ve been writing poetry lately.

so there’s that.

I decided to do like a poem a day. just fucking go on about whatever, but i am trying to incorporate structure because all i write is free verse

worthless words documents

direct quote from an idea i never really finished working on

space craft caryying disease oh no

the idea was mostly comprised of aliens, necrotic brain stems, and children’s names…

yeah idk guys

It’s weird how I can look into myself and see my faults, but do very little to change them…

I wish I wrote more, but a lack of identity makes it seemingly impossible.

I’m not sad. Things are ok, excusing physical ailments (which can have an affect on my psyche, but never enough for poetry).

I sincerely hope I find a way to put words on the page without having to threaten grievous harm to myself and others.